Asteur Inspections



Third party inspection is essentially required to establish the quality/quantity of the consignment. This is assessed by the third party inspection agency, which is appointed mutually by the Buyer and Seller. The certification documents provided by the third party are valid for commercial transaction Third party inspection has taken particular significance for international trading through e- business

Improve the compliance of product with reference to relevant standard/ specification/ regulation. Improve the confidence of customer on product.

We cover a wide range of industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Products, Electrical & Electronics, Food, Governments And Public Organizations, Industrial Equipment, Marine Industry, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, Process Industries & Mining, Retail Services, Transport & Infrastructures.

Pre-shipment inspection and certification exercise is also a statutory requirement framed by Govt. of India for export from India. It is an intermediate exercise carried out before effecting shipment of a consignment. Its aim is to assess the quality of the consignment in respect to its conformity as stipulated in the sale/purchase contract.