Asteur Inspections


About Asteur

Asteur is an independent Third Party Inspection and Certification Company and a Leading Training & Certification Service Provider to check that your system and assets meet requirements and standards. We are unique in its ability to quickly provide trained and qualified technical specialists globally to verify both product and process quality.

Our Commitment

Asteur Engineering & Inspection is committed to work impartially, maintain the confidentiality, independence and leadership in Third Party Inspection and Certification process and Leading Training & Certification Services. We leverage unrivaled technical expertise gained from developing new tools, techniques and ways of problem-solving across the markets we serve.

Asteur possess a value based outlook that co-creates an environment thrives on competence, values and attitude to deliver competitive advantage to clients.

What is Third Party Inspection?

Third Party Inspection in simple words means putting a check on the working process in business world at every stage. A product or service goes through number stages before it is available in the market for the final customers. Third Party Inspection is basically related to the task of scrutiny at different stages of production in order to maintain the level of quality and confidence of the customer in business.

Why Third Party Inspection is needed?

The competition in commercial arena has led to the development and improvement of various modes of the production process. Every next company is striving hard to get on to the first position in the market by hook or by crook. This heating competition and a strong desire to rule the market and enjoy monopoly has in turn led to the introduction of unfair means of selling products. Use of low quality raw materials to lessen the price of the product is the prime practice which has activated the role of Third Party Inspection in the corporate world. Moreover, there exist many other flaws throughout the stages of the production process from designing to construction and finally during packaging. Therefore it is imperative that proper quality inspection is made at all or at least at critical important steps to ensure the quality of services or product.

Our Third Party Inspection Services covers the following:

>> Inspection of Raw Material.
>> In-process inspection.
>> Final inspection and testing.
>> Witnessing of Test.
>> Installation inspection.
>> Pre-dispatch inspection.
>> Review of Design.
>> Vendor inspection/ Audit.